About LifeAfterDeaths.org

My name is Ahmed and I'm a Muslim who lives and work in and around London, UK. I created this website to help non muslims see the truthfulness of Islam starting from beleving that God (Allah) is One and incomparable. My aim is to help visitors take a step back from their daily routine and hopefully see the true purpose of our life on this planet based on Islam, act accordingly, before death strikes.

Islam came to enlighten humanity as whole and help it enjoy this life and a better afterlife. Forget what you see in mainsteam media, the current state of Islamic world and rumours. Start from solid roots by reading Quran and study the well documented life of prophet Muhammed peace be upon him. The last messenger of God.

I approached this subject specifically from life after death prespective as death marks a point of no return in the life of a human being. Death is also the time when many people truelly realise they are leaving all the materials, status and power they have chased their entire life to end up in a grave. With nothing, but their good and bad deads.

Death is not the end though. It's start of journey determined by what a person believed and done in their life time.

I invite you to Islam. The religion that frees you from idoling, fearing or submitting to anyone other than your Creator. The religion that serves justice when applied properly. The religion where the world is a temporary residence, a test, and the afterlife of grave then a judgement day is where we will all end up in heaven or hell for eternity.

I'm available via contact page anyone who has questions, comments or feedback.