Path to Paradise

Some say, the world is full of flaws. We get sick, we run through all kinds of trouble; financially, emotionally and socially to name a few. Are we meant to be happy? does full interrupted happiness and joy exist? anywhere?

Those reflection raises another question; if eternal interrupted happiness and a life with zero flaws doesn’t exist on earth, does it exist somewhere else?

It’s true that life on this planet appears to be riddled with bad times for some. Part of the reason why some decide to take their own life unfortunately. But let’s not forget that we humans always take good things for granted and rant about the slightest discomfort.

A man may have a lovely, cheerful, beautiful and faithful wife. Still, instead of appreciating what he has and works everyday to renew and strengthen their bound, he may go cheating and regret it soon after.

(19) Man was created restless (20) Touched by adversity, he is fretful (21) Touched by good, he is ungenerous (22) Except the prayerful. Chapter 70, Verses 19-22, Al-Ma'arij (Ways of Ascent), Koran.

So although we do have pitfalls in life, we still enjoy it many benefits. Many of which, we don’t appreciate until we loose. The only perfect place with only happiness, joy and cherished life exists in paradise.

There will be no sickness, no suffering, no rat race, debt, bills to be paid, no financial, social or the slightest forms of unhappiness. Eternally.

It’s all complete, given by Allah almighty to those who choose to believe in Him, the One and only, follow his messengers and abide by His rules.

The road to paradise is very simple. A lot easier than most people think. Yet, the temptations of life, arrogance and an oversized ego of knowing it all, while humans have not nearly scratched the surface of knowledge, leads a lot of people to stray.

The road to paradise doesn’t mean dropping what Allah almighty blessed us with on this planet. To the contrary, we should enjoy what we have while abiding by Islam rules to ensure it serves it true purpose without leading us a stray and too focused on materials. After all, Islam is about achieving the balance of materials and spirituals.

Everything in existence prays to the One and Creator. There are no, and couldn’t be 2 gods or more, because they would argue and destroy us all before we know it. There couldn’t be none, because everything we see, including us couldn’t have existed from nothing or randomly. It’s in our deep simple inner self.

When a baby is born regardless of their parents, they are a Muslim by instinct (they know there is no god but Allah, One and only). Their parents then choose to make him a Christian, Jew or other faith via a celebration. Muslims don’t do that because they just keep the new born instinct.

Islam is the road to paradise. The only road to God’s heaven. No other faith will be accepted. No excuses. Simply dying after pronouncing with believe:
“I witness that there is no god but Allah. I witness that Muhammad is his prophet”

…will be the only statement on your side for God almighty to forgive you, regardless of countless amounts of sins, save you from eternal hell and lead you to paradise.