Get Unlost - Find Aim & Purpose in Life

People are born everyday and given the choice to lead life as they please, within their physical capabilities and various other factors such as environmental, social, economical.

Once we are mature adults, we live the way we feel and see fit. Nothing stops a person pursuing a legal career instead of another, say in technology or medicine. It’s all down to how we feel inclined to particular subject or maybe a cause.

When reaching maturity and that age varies between people, we often find ourselves somehow aimless, wanting a cause or purpose. Paying the bills and making buckets of money isn’t one. We get easily lost in the details of life that we forget what it is all about.

God almighty sent prophets to guide us toward the righteous path. We are not perfect, nor we are immune for mistakes and God is forgiving.

Muhammed peace upon him is the last prophet in a series of hundreds of prophets, some we know about, others we don’t. He was sent by God with a book (Quran) and living practice as human to guide us to the true meaning and purpose of our lives. We may achieve it differently, as in all routes leads to rome, but the main objective is same. We are all meant to be givers and helpers to each other. Read the Quran to find out more.

There is nothing worse than being aimless in life, living without purpose and maybe making up for the inner hollowness using materials, such as buying stuff. Stuff we don’t need, just so we can feel a tad happy even for a few minutes or hours. Or worse, finding an excuse to commit suicide.

God almighty made humans of body and soul. Fulfilling the body needs won’t do it for the soul and vice versa. Knowing that our purpose in life is to worship our creator by looking after ourselves, families and more importantly giving and helping others who are deprived of the same is liberating for both the body and soul.

Islam clearly describes how to perfect the balances in the human life without compromises. It’s all in Quran and biography of prophet Muhammed peace be upon him. We are meant to be living for a purpose, collecting good deeds and seeking forgiveness for bad ones. After all, life is a short journey, very short for some, after which there is a longer journey and an eternal life in hereafter. Working for a better afterlife, while not forgetting our share in this life is an essential part of a balanced Muslim life. Embrace it.