Questions with Answers

Death as it's widely known is the cessation of life. The end of their journey on this earth. It's destined time where the persons soul is collected from his body. The latter cease to reason and function as whole. The start of souls journey begin and perishing body waits in the grave to be resurrected for the judgment day.

Yes. God created us and we were nothing before that. Do you rememeber what you were before you where you?

"(1) Has there come upon man a period of time when he was nothing to be mentioned. (2) We created man from a liquid mixture, to test him; and We made him hearing and seeing." Chapter (76), verses 1,2 Al-Insan (Man).

God almighty will easily resurrect us for the judgment day.

Only God knows when, how and where will die. No person has this information about themselves or others. Even a suicidal who put a gun to their head won't know if the gun will fail or they will be rescued and survive. Don't bank on it though, suicide is one of the worst sins a human can commit.

Throughout centries people tried to avoid death by avoiding most known causes. However, this has been proven to fail as a person will die at the time, place and manner they are destined to. It's our duty to look after our health, use science and medicine to ensure our well being, but it's no prevention from death. There are countless records of very healthy people who dies sudden deseases, heart attacks, cancers without known root cause.

When a person dies, they loose communication with the earthly world. If the person was a believer uniquness and comparable God almighty and detailed in Islam message by prophets Muhammed (pbuh) and previous messages before him, he/she will be welcome by angels. He/she will rest in peace and wait for the day of judgment to be resurrected.

Once the person is buried and his family walks away from the funeral, 2 angels will come and sit him/her down and ask 3 questions: 1. Who is your God? 2. What is your religion? 3. Who is that man that was sent among you? The answers are well known to a Muslim person.
Depending on the answers, the dead person will either start a punishment in the grave and wait for a worse one in hell or rest in peace and may even see his/her place in paradise.

Suicide is one of the worst sins a person can commit. God almighty give us a life and blessed us with so many things other creations around us don't have. Rejecting that is both disobedience of God and weakness to embrace life.
If a person who committed suicide is a believer of God, a Muslim, it will be up to God almighty to either punish or forgive. If they are not a Muslim, it's the unfortunate hell.

A dying person goes through stages where their soul is collected from their body by a designated angel. Depending on the persons believe, it will either be a quick, easy departure or as painful as pulling veins from a body starting from foot toes and going up to the last never in the head scalp.

The grave is a starting journey for an eternal happiness or hell forever. A Muslim person who has applied God orders, avoided sins and asked for forgiveness may expect a rest in peace and may even be shown his place in paradise. A non believer or a Muslim who for instance didn't do the daily prayer will be punished in the grave for doing so. No wonder why Muslims asks God almighty to be saved from punishment of grave after each of the 5 prayers among other things.

We may do so, but not before the judgement day. That day everyone will be for himself, everyone will await his/her destiny. If the person and some or all of their loved ones ends up in heaven, they will meet up by God's willing.

Converting to Islam is the only true way to heaven and saviour from hell.

Christians who died before God sent prophet Muhammed peace be upon him. Those who believe in that God is One and incomparable and believed in true message of Jesus son of Mary, peace be upon him, have abided by God's message and promised safety and heaven. Anyone who witnessed or was born after prophet Muhammed pbuh delivered God's message will either choose to follow Islam and be saved on judgment day or die non beleiver and go to hell.

The only religion accepted by God during judgment day is Islam (those dies before Muhammed pbuh is prophet). Any other religion will be rejected as there will be no proof to back it legitimacy.

No. When a person dies, their belief at the time of death is written forever. We have a choice in this world to follow God almighty message - Islam, while we are still alive. That choice no longer exists once we are dead and face God almighty judgment.

Yes. Become a Muslim and start by saying Shahada here. If in doubt, start by reading Quran and may God almighty guide you to the right path.