The Message from Prophets of God

All almighty God's messengers were sent with the same message: There is no God, but One the almighty God, humans should worship only God, the Creator of this world and people will be resurrected on the day of judgement so the sinners will be punished in hell and good doers will be awarded an enternal life paradise.

This message has been consistent from Adam, Noah, Moses, Jesus son of Mary to the last prophet Muhammed peace be upon them. There has been other prophets, but those are the most mentioned in the holy books.

What about Jesus, isn’t he a God? No he is not. Jesus is a prophet like all other prophets. He never told people he was one nor he was allowed. He is a mortal human being. God almighty is immortal. He doesn’t die and can not be killed.

God almighty never had a son, wife or a partner of any kind. If there was, the world would have been torn apart as they disputed on who runs what and how.

So what message should we follow now?

Islam is the religion of peace, mercy and forgiveness from God to everyone. It’s not a new religion sent at the time of prophets Muhammed peace be upon him, but as mentioned before, it's the same from Adam and all other prophets peace be upon them including Jesus, Moses and finally Muhammed.

What we see in most mainstream media today is demonising Islam. For political, ideological or other agendas. A lot of stereo types were attacking ethnic, race and gender not long ago. There are extremists in just about every faith, but that doesn't stop people exploring the core of Islam by reading the Quran and biography of prophet Muhammed's life, peace be upon him.

True values of Islam are clearly explained in Quran and in life of prophet Muhammed peace be upon him. Unlike Bible and other true holy books, Quran was written during revelations from God to his prophet Muhammed and during his life. Also, God almighty promised to protect it from corruption, which is what happened to Bible and Torah. No wonder why there are a lot of resembles between the Quran and other holy books, it’s the same message. Unfortunately, Bible and Torah were written years after death of prophets, then rewritten (Old Testament, New Testament and others) to serve the benefits of corrupted priests and their allies.

If you have read this far, congratulations. You are making progress to a better afterlife while acknowledging that life exists to be lived for a purpose - worshiping our Creator. As mentioned before, worshiping is not confined to prayers in mosque or at home, but it includes every good deed we do in life for ourselves and others, including those that we enjoy like looking after family, staying health and lots more.

If there is ONE thing to take away here, it's

read the Quran

An easy English transaltion available at these sites

Translation for other languages are only a Google query away.

Read the undoubtfully true words of God to humans. Do it with eagerness to find truth and pray for help from God, He won't fail you.