God's Guidance via Prophets

God almighty didn’t create the world and let it run it course. God also ensured it runs in harmony. We live in a very fragile eco-system, anyone with slightest knowledge of astronomy would have wondered how our planet survived this long.

Imagine what will happen if the earth slightly deviated from it orbit? It will simply be the end of us. Imagine if the sun doesn’t rise just for ONE single day, what will happen? imagine if the earth’s core suddenly exploded and split this planet in two? Imagine if we are hit by an astroid and there thousands of them in space at any given moment? Gloomy views, but hundreds if not thousands of stars and planets vanished before, so we won't be the first.

It’s easy to take everything we enjoy as given and ignore the fact that God almighty could have made us miserable or extinct if He so wanted to. Instead, He put us in control of a very resourceful planet.

The above were just a few examples and there are a lot of simpler ones that could see the human being cease to exist in a very short time, and there is nothing we could do about it. However, almighty God wants us to exist and continue to live until a destined time. What time?

The destined time is the judgement day, but before that comes death.

The world was created and human was clearly put in charge as the most intelligent, creative, evolving, adaptive and controlling being on the planet. We are responsible in front of God, the Creator, for things we do. We have a choice to do right or wrong.

Choice is used here, because nothing in this life is being forced upon us. Everyone can choose to lead a life as they please, but consequences of these choices won’t be the same. Good or bad, the chooser will have to bear them.

Almighty God sent prophets at different times of history to guide people to the right path. Prophets had miracle to prove and persuade people that they were in fact God’s messengers and they all held the same message, although they were hundreds of years apart.

Humans at different times in history were savages without God’s guidance via His prophets. Even though we have laws today that appears to be created by man, a lot of these laws have origins in guidance from God sent via his prophets. From Adam, Noah, Ibrahim, Moses, Jesus to Muhammed and many other prophets peace be upon them, God almighty gave instructions that humans can choose to follow for a good life and better afterlife.