Whys & Whats of Dying

When death comes to mind a number of other questions may be asked, like:

  • Who created this world as we know it and why?
  • Who created the first male and female for these generations of humans to exist?
  • Why humans control more aspects of this planet than any other living creator?
  • Who really created you the way you are?
  • Why are humans different inside and out, even twins?
  • Why are you here in this world?
  • What are you really supposed to do?
  • Why do we get sick?
  • Why do we die?

Modern science can not explain how the world started. There are a lot of theories out there, but none have been scientifically proven. Whether it’s the big bang or some other event, one thing is sure. The world wouldn’t have been created on it own. Why?

Simple, we have learnt early in life that nothing happens without cause - something or someone got to do it. The cause and consequences law. That’s why we have to get up everyday for breakfast, because our bodies don’t feed itself. That’s way we have to go to work, to make money, pay bills, buy things, go places. Nothing in our world happens randomly and the events we attribute to random does actually have one or multiple causes or triggers, we just couldn't explain it. There is always a “you need to do SOMETHING” for “SOMETHING to happen”. The same apply to other creations around us which includes nature.

The above is enough logical proof that a mighty power has created this world. The power is so great that not only created humans, but created other creatures like earth, the skies, sun, moon, uncountable number of planets, the universe and a lot of things we don’t know. This power is the almighty God.